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Coming Soon to the Script Factory Script Network!


Hello Script Factory! Today I bring you my first ever combat script. But a big one at that!

wBDK is designed to slay the mighty Blue Dragons of Taverly Dungeon for their precious drops of Dragon Bones and Blue Dragonhides. But, the script also supports all other available drops. And it's easy to add what you want to loot and what you don't want to loot.


Upon initial release. wBDK will only support Fire Strike/Fire Blast within a Safespot.

This is so I can ensure the script runs smoothly and efficiently. Before branching into Range and Melee Support.


Main Requirements are as follows;


  • Staff of Fire/ Fire Battlestaff / Mystic Fire Staff

  • Runes to cast each spell (The script does not restock yet)

  • Anti-Dragon Shield (The script will stop without one)

  • Food of your Choice. I recommend Jugs of Wine/Lobsters/Tuna

  • 70+ Agility for the Shortcut

  • Dusty Key in the Bank (The script will not collect this itself, and will stop without one, unless you are over 70 Agility)

  • Falador Tabs


The script can be started anywhere, it will walk to Falador West Bank, and begin the set up based on your selections.


Below I have a list of all items the Blue Dragons drop, that are worth some value. This does not include the Rare Drop Table. 



When selecting which drops you wish to pick up. Please use the Item Ids in the PRIORITY you wish them picked up.

E.g. 536, 1751, 1197, 1161, 1213

(Dragon Bones, Blue D’hide, Addy Full Helm, Mithril Kite, Rune Dagger)


Progress Reports are welcome as always! As Well as anything additional you think I should add.



Have you restarted Osbot/Runescape?:

What is the context of the problem?:

Did you check Names & ID’s Match the game?:



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