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WoW Classic TBC is incoming!

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So like many other people I don't just play Runescape, I actually play a variety of games one of which is World of Warcraft (hence the spam/off topic section xD) and I have been preaching like a mad man that we need this expansion so here we go - https://tbc.wowhead.com/news/burning-crusade-classic-global-release-on-june-1st-pre-patch-may-18th-322211

12 days until release, 2 weeks pre-patch for the bloodelves and dranei to come into play as well before the burning crusade actually gets to be played, and for me at least as a more over the years casual player (I support my membership + the last few expansions in fact, via wow gold and such) I am worried this isn't enough time to get those classes to level 60 + do some cool stuff, as we know already the PvP gear that instead of needing to be rank 14 (max pvp rank) is going to be able to be bought via the reward marks/honor you gain from winning the selected battleground

Any of you going to be playing? if so what are you rolling, race and class? :)

And I know these two screenshots below are retail don't worry, but this is the type of stuff i'm excited for (not the lewdmogs, but the general cool looking gear)

TBC and WOTLK are where I literally had my element of the game, I played original classic somewhat too, but in general I wasn't all too much of a fan of the grind. I am very excited for this though, and I know it's going to give people a different prospective of the game overall due to the raiding scene + PvP with arena and such




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13 hours ago, Czar said:

Legit can't wait, haven't played wow in years. I'll be going for a mage ofc, just for old time's sake :feels: I just hope they don't make it expensive..

Yeah man it's going to be amazing I think personally :D Although pre-patch is only 2 weeks long which isn't much, I cant see myself being a hard-core raider either way, I was in classic until ZG (even with ZG we did 3-4 raids a week) so for me it's more hey I can level my toons now lol :)

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