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Proxy -VPN-VIP the works

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Hello all. went looking around and didnt find a actual definate awnser, so many all over the place. Planning on making some money because this pandemic killed us this year. still unemployed so i gotta do something. have already max char on runescape. but i want to keep that charactor well intact since i have never botted before, everything hhand done. soooo now i want to get some gold happening. some botts going but i have not the faintest idea how to go all about it. Too old to really keep up with the tech anymore. 

  So a p[roxy server.. you can run 1-3 bots on i was told? so if 1 gets ip banned they get banned. so Why if your chanign the proxy would you need a VPN? does it really matter about the VPN when your changing your IP entirely? and How many bots per proxy would u guys recommend. i hope to be getting about 20 bots going at 1 time. how far into manual levels should i go. im planning on not spending much after proxy servers and the enevitable VIP status, which gives how many botts in the instance of VIP? But im in no way shape or form to be spending 100's of dollars on scripts, and im not smart to tech savvy shit, so i wont be making my own at all. was just gunna take advantage of the cheap/free even tho i guess it will probably get me banned in a matter of hours -.-


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I will try to answer some of your questions:


Proxies: You gonna use them to avoid getting chain banned on all of your bots if one gets banned. So I would suggest to bot probably 1-5 bots on the same proxy, depending on what exactly you are botting.

VPN: Is also used to hide your orignial IP. You can use it for safety between your home ip and the proxy or use it straight to bot ( I wouldnt recommend that, cause vpn ips are often blacklisted)


For 20 Bots you probably need 1-2 VPS Servers that your bots can run 24/7. The other questions like which levels you should do manually and tips like that no one will give you. Try it out for yourself and improve it next time when you get banned.

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