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Dumb idiot can't figure out how to open OSBot

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Hey, newpleb here. I just downloaded the OSBot client. I made sure to download and confirm I have java 8 installed. So far so good, so I get to the OSBot client login screen (screenshot below). I put in my info, installed webwalking, then... Nothing.

My client closes, and nothing else. I saw the video tutorials, followed everything. Why am I not being taken to the OSRS login page? 

Any help for a dumbass boomer like me would be very appreciated. Thanks all


EDIT: I'm clicking Stealth Injection, not Mirror Mode


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Edit: working now, reinstalled java using this link: https://www.java.com/download/ie_manual.jsp


I have the same problem. I have installed Java 8. I open OS Bot, enter my credentials, click on Mirror (while I have an Old School Runescape instance open), then nothing. I am a VIP member so I have access to Mirror.

I reset my PC to factory settings, did a fresh install of Java, and this did not fix it.

Regarding the download of the specific Java version 1.8.0_241, I don't know where to find a download link for that version.

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issue now fixed
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