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My current progress (botting to max on 2 accounts + one 1/2 legit ironman*fingers crossed*) *updated*

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I've been able to pull off 11 days so far at about 4-5 hours a day averaged.  My VPS didn't have enough CPU at first so osbot was crashing after about 2 hours, so I upgraded to a 6 core w/ 8gb RAM for mirror mode (Win2019S).  My strategy so far appears to be working, I do a few things manually and occasionally quest every couple of days.  I'm doing this same thing alongside another account that isn't quite to where this one is (5-6 on 5-6 off while the other account goes).


I'm (goint to be) using my own scripts for skilling, combat I am using APA Sand Crabs.  Not a suicide bot, just wanna see how far I can go and if I don't get banned it'll be a new main I guess


Up to this point, even with mirror mode, I was getting perm bans within 1-2 hours.  I think crabs are very likely one of the better spots to bot for combat (personally) because everyone that isn't botting there is already being botlike since it's an AFK hot spot.  Probably harder for individual detection (I assume)


Ironman account:


I did the agility and crafting by hand on this one.



Account 1:


Account 2 (took a break from crabs to do some other things):

I've been slacking on this account, hoping #1 is okay, I accidentally left it running for 11 hours yesterday lol.






Updates 5/19


Account one^

Account two is banned, accidentally left PerfectFisher on for like 13 hours



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Added the IM account
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29 minutes ago, skillerkidos1 said:

Looks good so far! Can’t wait to see the progress

Thanks! I added the ironman account just now, unfortunately I'm probably going to take a break on that one because I copped a 2 day ban testing scripts on it haha.  I may just go ahead and keep going with it since it's not that hard to start a new one though.  Made the mistake of doing thieving at fruit stalls for 12 hours.

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