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Mirror Mode & Jagex Detection

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Hi Guys

I haven't been on here since 2017 I'm about to launch a farm on OSRS again as a fun project, I have been running google ads for the past 4 years and there I also ran into lots of bans googles detection system is also really advanced and they track various things to identify if you're a fradulent user or if you are a legitimate user now I had some questions that some of you might know so obviously "Stealth Injection" is easily detectable by Jagex, and Mirror Mode is something that is far better than Stealh, but what sort of information can Jagex get from a Computer System how does it interract with them, because for example on google they track all these parameters :

(Resolution, Fonts, Languages, Canvas, Media Devices) 

these sort of Parameters which are really unique like fonts are used by them to identify previous "abusive" customers and ban them on sight after adding the credit card or opening of an account now I was wondering is Jagex also able to retrieve this sort of Information if this is the case they can easily string things together and identify if a User is a bot or not with all the other things they have in place.

I was just wondering this because I have no clue how the dump files and other files interract with our System and what is being retrieved/read on their end if someone can englighten me would be great,


- Royal


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