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Created by Wishy
Hello everyone!

Today I bring you WSmelter!

What is WSmelter? WSmelter is a script created by me to allow us here at Script Factory to smelt any of the Key 8 Bars at Edgeville Furnace.
What are the 8 Key Bars? The 8 Key Bars are; Bronze, Iron, Silver, Steel, Gold, Mithril, Adamantite & Runite.
What do i need to run the script? The required level, aswell as 1 or more Inventory worth of supplies.
Which furnace does it use? Edgeville of course!
Do you have a built in Break Handler? Indeed i do! You should bot for 1 Hour (0.35 Variance) and Break for 1 Hour (0.35 Variance)
1 Hour break? Thats a long time... Feel free to change these timings to suit your needs. Ive created these timings based on my own success!
What Supplies are the minimum for 1x Inventory? Please see the chart below....

Bronze: 14x Copper Ore & 14x Tin Ore
Iron: 28x Iron Ore
Silver: 28x Silver Ore
Steel: 9x Iron Ore & 18x Coal
Gold: 28x Gold Ore
Mithril: 5x Mithril Ore & 20 Coal
Adamant: 4x Adamantite Ore & 24 Coal
Runite: 3x Runite Ore & 24 Coal

If you come across any issues when running the script. Please comment here or catch me on Discord!

Happy Smelting!
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