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GE begging

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 GE begging
Created by Pikkel Rick

GE Begging
Hey guys, I have made a very annoying begging script. It will ask for some starting money at the GE. This can be a very good zero requirements money maker! I have had a couple donations of 1-2m. 

Anti Trolling: It will decline trades that take longer than 50 seconds.
Anti luring: If it gets lured outside of the GE, it will walk back to the GE.
Smart Hopping: After 3 minutes of not receiving any items/money, it will hop to a different world. It will also ignore empty world (it only begs in world with 6+ people at the south part of the GE)
It will thank the person if it receives any coins/items
It will walk 1 tile west if someone stands under you so that everyone can see you well.
It will randomly say 1 of 2 beg sentences
Wear some nooby armour like full bronze/iron or something. This will make you look more legit. You of course can also edit the beg sentences to your liking.

There is a F2P version and a P2P version. 

Happy begging!

Pikkel Rick

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