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Gold Necklace Smelter F2P

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 Gold Necklace Smelter F2P
Created by BlickStarter
:angel: Gold Necklace Smelter F2P :angel:
:exclamation: What does this script do? 
-This script takes all the Gold bars in your bank, and smelts them into Gold necklaces for a decent profit.
:exclamation: Where does it work?
-Edgeville or Al-Kharid Bank.
:exclamation: What are the Requirements?
- Level 6 Crafting, Gold bars, and a Necklace mould.
:exclamation: How Much Money per Hour?
-About 60-70k per hour.
Enjoy :heart:
-Minor Bug Fixes
(any glitches try reloading the script, if that doesn't work pm me ;) )


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