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[F2P] AIO Miner

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[F2P] AIO Miner
Created by ThEShAdOw
All in one Miner. 
Select your ore and locations! 
Please let me know of any bugs or suggestions and i will look to get them added/resolved.
If reporting bug please try to provide method # in DM.
Addy and Mithril is untested as I dont have the levels yet. Please let me know how it works!
Will need to adjust some walk area's so babysit!
Script took me 8 straight hours to make. All for you amazing people.
Current Version: 3
Removed logout when players are near. Will still hop worlds.
Added Deposit box to Rimmington.
Added Move camera to top after certain amount of time. To combat getting stuck due to camera.
Added food amount option.
Fixed healing.
Adjusted Sleep times.
Wildy Runite added. - Untested please let me know! Will attempt to logout if players are near and able to attack. MAY NOT WORK EVERYTIME!
Added random AFK by Powerrangeralt. Thank you!
Removed food option for everything except DwarvenMines and Runite ore Still only brings food unfortunantly. <User Input> Would not allow me to change numbers like it did before
If making any changes to script you must load script with default text values! If not you may break script.
To change Camera timer, open original F2PAIOMiner.txt and changing <Timer>PressUp:58000 to a different value. in milliseconds.
To Remove Camera movement go to bottom of file txt or Gui and delete all of [6].
Suggested to change Worldhop time.
To change world hop time, open original F2PAIOMiner.txt and changing <Timer>HopWorldsTimer:780000 to a different value. in milliseconds.
Known Issues:
Gets stuck in some area's. Baby sit for now! Does pretty good.
Changing food amount may break script. Will need to look into more.
Will be attempting to enhance mining click logic. Stay tuned.
Copper and Tin mining together is currently broken.
Updated to 1.14 (refactor update)
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