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This is an awesome script to use for collecting Rune/Pure essence on an Ironman/Ironwoman. This script will work for any account, however, due to the low cost of Rune/Pure essence, this script is not very beneficial for running to gain money. Unfortunately, the XP per essence mined only equates to 140 XP per inventory. Assuming you're mining ~900-1,000 essence per hour, your effective XP per hour, as well as, gold per hour is listed below:
ScHoUQg.png XP P/H: ~4.5K - 5K Mining Experience ScHoUQg.png
t6cYy84.png GP P/H: 10K GP - Rune Essence t6cYy84.png
Kj2jpz0.png GP P/H: 2K GP - Pure Essence Kj2jpz0.png
- Detects if you're equipping a pickaxe
- If not equipping a pickaxe, it finds the best one in the bank and equips it

- Supports Rune/Pure essence
t6cYy84.png Kj2jpz0.png
- Anti-stuck failsafes
                                                                                             V1.0.1 - Added support for banking and withdrawing pickaxes if not in inventory or equipped.
                                                                                             V1.0.2 - Added fix for getting stuck in the center area.
                                                                                             V1.0.3 - Added a missing NPC portal ID that caused the player to get stuck after mining a full inventory.
                                                                                      V1.0.4 - Added fix for getting stuck in the center area, while attempting to click on Rune Essence Object.
                                                                                      V1.0.5 - Added new paint design
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