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TBF's Sweet Safespotter

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 TBF's Sweet Safespotter
Created by tbfeonar01
Kills the monster which you specify, eats the food which you specify at the percent health which you specify, additionally, equips and loots the arrows which you specify when out of combat.
This has been tested on several different slayer monsters -
Instructions for Use:

Prior to starting, navigate your character to the exact position of the safe spot you intend to use.'

Be sure to have the food you specified in your inventory when you start the script, will go to your safespot and log out when you have no remaining food.

Select your monster, food, and arrowtype, as well as HP % to eat at
The script will automatically re-equip your chosen arrows when it loots at least 30 off the ground

Start the script and enjoy :)

This should be a nice little script for use training combat -

This should work for all three types of combat, Range, Magic and Melee -

If using Range, specify arrows, should run normally

If using Mage, be sure to set your staff's attack style to spell and specify the spell for which you have runes - if desired I can add an additional conditional to log out if out of specified runes or if out of specified arrows, likely I will do that in the future.

If using Melee, start in the safe spot and it should run normally.

If you have any bugs/issues/questions feel free to ask, hope this helps some other gamers out there! <3
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