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AIO Sand Crabs

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AIO Sand Crabs
Created by CnPx

I built this script off the AIO fighter from the script repository. 
Go to the area of the sand crabs with food in your inventory then start the script. 
If you do not know how to get there go to port sarim and speak to Vaos and he will give you a boat to kourend in the top right of hosidous. 
Then walk south to the bottom where the beach is and then your here. 

Type in for the NPC "Sand Crabs" 
Type in the food in your inventory. 

I have set this script so when your not aggressive it will walk to the other side of the beach and kill the crabs there and vice versa. 
It also has an afk feature so it will switch tabs between inventory every couple minutes. 

Let me know if any issues and I will try and fix them.

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