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WC Guild Oak Plank Maker

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WC Guild Oak Plank Maker
Created by Diesal

Hello! I'm new to the script factory, but wanted to share the first script I've finally built myself. It is an oak plank making script that uses the Woodcutting Guild's sawmill. 

To start: 

Keep the desired amount of GP in your inventory - the script does not withdraw GP. 

Start the script within the woodcutting guild, otherwise it may run off to other banks. 

Please note that the script primarily uses oak logs; since it uses the space bar to toggle the plank option at the operator, it may actually be easy to adjust the script to other types of planks. You would just need to modify the coding that refers to oak logs and oak planks to include your desired type of wood/plank. 

Please let me know how it looks, and if you end up using it, please provide any feedback that you think may help. If you end up improving upon this script, I would love to learn some of what you did to help my future scripting!

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