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⭐Kramnik's Proxies and VPS ⭐Dedicated SOCKS5 and HTTPS Proxies ⭐ Starting from 1.5$ each!⭐Linux and Windows VPS plans⭐

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Prices are for 30 days. All services are renewable upon request 5 days before the end of service. VPS plan prices do not include one-time set-up fee of $7.00 for any of the plans.

✨Payment methods: OSRS gp, Paypal, BTC✨

Proxies are situated in USA. If needed I could provide proxies from other countries, but it would cost more.

Bots per VPS are estimates from personal experience averaged out. You would be able to run less if script is more recourse taxing or if using mirror mode,
and run more if using simpler scripts and with -nointerface or low cpu mode.

⭐Contact me on Osbot or discord: Kramnik#8905⭐
UID: 510915714056585232


1. Why should I use proxy?
Proxies help you to break down your bot farm through different IPs which makes it much harder to track. The more accounts you run on 1 IP the higher change that it will get caught. It saves you from chain-bans where all accounts gets banned even though only one was caught initially.  Proxies also help to hide your other accounts from botting activities like main or mule accounts.

2. Can I use proxy with mirror mode?
Generally mirror mode does not support proxies, but you can still use them with 3rd party app Proxifier. This tutorial should help :) 


3. How many accounts per proxy should I use?
Personally I would recommend using 1-5 accounts per proxy. Depends on your budget and how safe you want to be.


1. No refund after purchase
2. Proxies and VPS can only be used for Runescape and activities related to it. Any other, especially illegal or malicious activities are not tolerated.
If found breaching this rule the service will be terminated immediately without any refund.



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21 hours ago, daddybigspec said:

if you are running multiple accounts on one vps with mirror mode and use proxfier are you able to designate individual proxies per client or would all clients on vps have to run one proxy?


With proxifier you can designate each individual proxy to each different osrs client :) 

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