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Residential socks5 proxies, scam or legit?

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Hi Guys,

First post here so please excuse me if this isn't posted in the correct section, could also not find a post regarding this topic. 

I've been botting for many years and always used socks5 proxies to avoid chain bans and keep my home IP, and therefore my main, clean. The last few years I feel Jagex has become a bit better at detecting if a socks5 proxy is coming from a datacenter, which results in a lot of bans because naturally no legit player would have a datacenter address. Not even to speak of the many vendors that recycle IP's that have been flagged many times before. 


I've been away for a little while and have recently discovered "residential socks5 IP's". This sounds great since the IP address would not be flagged by jagex anymore for coming from a datacenter and would seem much more legit if the advertising is true. But there are some thing I do not understand and I have my doubts about this. 

After extensive googling I haven't found a single reliable vendor. The prices range from $15/month (usually on botting sites like these) to $400/month on sites I googled. So I've got a few reservations:

- Are residential socks5 proxies reliable and what would be a fair price?

- Is there a way to check if the proxy provided is actually a residential one instead of a datacenter proxy?

- Have anyone experienced lower ban rates (especially for long term accounts)?

- Does anyone know of a reliable vendor?


Sorry for the long post =]






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Thanks for your feedback. Are regular proxies still safe to run a decent farm on, the accounts haven't been created on those proxies naturally. I've build similar farms in the past, years ago, and never had any problems. I want to set up a farm of about 20 accounts in the coming weeks and I'm looking for tips in this regard. A lot has changed. The accounts have high requirements and are thus expensive so I'm playing the long game. Would be a shame if they all get stricken by the murciless ban hammer that haunts us all just for a couple of flagged IP addresses. 



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IMO they are scam, after Jagex stepped up their locking game I was in search for proxies that would never get locked. Been using 1 USD proxies and after their change they were getting locks a lot, bought some 15 USD residential proxies which had completely same results. Then found cheap 2 USD proxies which perform very well for me, no locks etc. So be caucious with proxies since you get be spending a lot of money for something that is not worth it at all :) 

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