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Need help with a snippet of my code

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RS2Object conveyorBelt = x.getObjects().closest("Conveyor belt");

RS2Object barDispenser = x.getObjects().closest("Bar dispenser");

Position barDispenseArea = new Position(1942, 4967, 0);

x.log("Walking to conveyor belt");

if (conveyorBelt.exists() && conveyorBelt != null) {
    Sleep.sleepUntil(() -> !x.myPlayer().isMoving(), 1000);


Everytime my player walk to the barDispenseArea it keeps hovering its mouse on the object and trying to click something


I did not specfiy in my code to click anything when it arrives just to sleep.


does my if statement play a role in what is going on?


When I say everytime I mean every time my player goes over to the conveyor belt it tries to click something but for no reason because where did i put in my code to click?

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