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Need some code

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I am look for someone to write for me a 1 method of the most "optimal" banking pattern.   Most "optimal" means the least amount of input possible. Must be able to do Inv+Equipment, Equipment only, Inv only.

method head looks like 

moves bank(Equipment,  Inventory), were Equipment,Inventory is a list of items 

returns a list of moves to do.

 Must do

  • Bank excess Items
    • list only class for  6 arrows but I have 900  on me banks 894 arrows
  • Ranges of items 
    • list can call for coins between 75-80 coins.
  • Deposit items that are not in any lists 
  • be able to Handle noted and unnoted items of the same type 
    • must handle  Equipment list has an iron helm, Inventory list has a noted iron helm and unoted iron helm seemlessly.

message me here or on discord inept#0327 before starting

tell me your rate.  [I will pay in osrs gold]

PS I think  A* or bfs is the best way to go.

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