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I've hit rock bottom

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Hi guys,

A little bit of a slightly off topic post but did not know where else to turn or post. So apologies in advance. 

I recently got my 2100total main stolen off of me by someone I know. It was complete legit and never botted. I am truly truly gutted and don't know where to turn. I have put 2 years of my life into that and its been taken from me. (before everyone asks, yes I tried recovering, no Jagex won't help). I think Botting may be my only hope and enjoyment left in this game and I am looking for 1. A friend who can offer some guidance, 2. someone who can point me In the right direction. 

I have botted before but very unsuccessfully. In fact, I have probably lost a few £000's. I have some good script and all the patience to learn. I have read and purchased multiple guides and scripts but still not working. If anyone can help. Please DM.

If not, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and you all stay safe.


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First of all, Im sorry that has happened to you. Betrayal sucks and I hope you still have some hope for humanity left. Please remember, just like people are unexpectidly capable of scummy shit, people can also suprise you with good stuff. 

Having said that, below you'll find the link to my server. Feel free to message me or open a ticket. Im sure I can help you get on the right track



Whatever you decide to do, good luck brother. Life is full of ups and downs. I know it sounds cliche, but it can only make you stronger

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Trying to make another accounts or bot another account is going to be all trial and error. You have to find the sweet spot of xp/time played and hope that your number isn't called. If you need any help or have any question's there is a lot of people in this community with a unfathomable amount of knowledge to share.

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I am very sorry to hear about your loss. That blows especially if it was a "friend" that stole it from you.

I've only been botting for a very limited time but in my experience the saying "Don't bot and you won't get banned" really rings true. Obviously it's hard to promote not botting when this is what this forum is dedicated to but I am not advocating for botting abstinence, I'm making the point if you can bot with as close to human like behavior as possible your outcome will be better then those suicide botting or goldfarming 24/7.

Like was said above: play time, account total history, switching up skills/quests/minigames all can make the difference between maxing an account and only getting 6 hrs out of a fishing script before the Acc is axed.

My best advice would be to diversify how you are botting: Acc builds versus goldfarming, and mimicking real playtime as close as possible with breaks and no more than 4-6hrs a day botting MAX. If you can reduce the repetitive nature of your botting, you can reduce your ban rates significantly. As with everything else it all comes down to luck my friend. :gnome:

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