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Detecting Snow Fall at Wintertodt Brazier

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Hello all, 

I'm looking to see if anyone could offer some sort of guidance on what I should be looking for.

I've created a Wintertodt script for a custom script and am trying to detect the Wintertodt Snow fall at the brazier, I have collected information on Graphics Objects - 502 as being the ID, however, when I implement this, It will move the user back even if it's not destroying the brazier (only blowing out the flames). 

When the brazier gets destroyed, it deals about 20% damage. This is avoidable.
When the brazier blows out, it deals no damage, and would be beneficial to re light the brazier when its blow out. 

The script moving when the gfx object is detected on that entity, creates un human like behavior, and loss of points. 

Any help would be appreciated. I can try to explain more If this is not clearly understood. Thank you!

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