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Hey all,

I am not new to the bot scene, but I am relatively new to OSbot and botting in recent times. I haven’t formally introduced myself so that’s why I’m posting this.

I’m fairly active on discord and have purchased a range of premium scripts. If you’ve interacted with me, that’s probably because I’ve asked a million questions!

I’m actually pretty keen on learning scripting - I have script factory but I think I want to try doing it properly.

Outside of RuneScape, I’m an Aussie who’s just moved across the globe to the UK in the middle of a pandemic 😂

I play rugby and love a beer.


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Welcome to part of this community!  I would love to script myself but my knowledge on coding is 0. I know there is alot of tutorials and prewriten script parts that you can use. But if i would get into scripting i would want to understand the reason why you write certain things. Been thinking about to go study coding in near future and get myself a new professional 

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