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Fifa 14


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So to people who have gone onto the web app and opened their packs already, whadya get???


I got 2 player n 2 gold packs and got absolute shite, discarded near all of them.

However had enough to buy a beastly bronze spanish team for about 2k to wreck starter teams with when the game comes out :D

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I got benzema in the free pack:P


 Jammy cunt aha


I got a bit I guess tongue.png


In my first 4 packs I got Munain, Raul Patricio, Maxwell & Some other gold players.


After selling those, I managed to turn my team into this; http://prntscr.com/1reiut


Adler & Bender cost me around 3.8K.


Oh thats a nice team, both of them for 3.8k is a bargain.

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