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Searching For Client To Attach *PROBLEM*

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Hey Guys,

What's up. So I've been with OS Bot VIP for around 3 days now, love the client, love the script designs here too. Designers are really friendly and forthcoming. I've bought a couple of scripts / used free / VIP and I'm very happy. However I've come a bit unstuck with the 'Mirror Mode' and it's stopping me from progressing as I'd like to.

The issue I'm having is obviously very common because I must of read over 50 topics on it via Google in a hope to find some kind of solution for it. I've even had a couple of members on here kindly try to help but unfortunately nothing has worked so far.


So the client as you can see below, managed to get its hooks into the OS Buddy client... but unfortunately, as that is no longer compatible, I was unable to login. But at least we know it works.


So I think the issue is potentially something I'm doing with the RS Client (official client). I have Java 8 installed, I've used 32 & 64 bit Java, only used 1 at a time etc etc.

Any help at all would be appreciated, I'm struggling a bit.

Thank you in advance :) 

Managed to get it to work. Did a computer reset and downloaded everything again. 

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