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How do I launch OSRS + Mirror Mode in a docker container?


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Basically, I have a fairly powerful desktop which I wanted to try and utilize for many bots (10+). A friend mentioned to me that it might make the most sense to try and have containers for each botted account with docker.

I have very limited knowledge when it comes to docker, and was wondering if someone much more experienced than I would be able to give me some help on how to make this happen. Do I need to pull windows images first? Then somehow make an image with osrs + osbot already available?

My understanding is that a benefit of this is that its possible to set different IP address for different docker containers. Is this true? And would it be helpful for limiting chain bans and extending the useful life for my bots? 

Obviously, Jagex has gotten quite good at catching bots. I understand that bots get banned, so please spare me with the comments of "botting has a 100% ban rate". Im simply looking for opportunities of efficiency and to extend the useful life for each account, thereby opening up unique opportunities for other kinds of scripts.


Thanks in advance. If you have an answer, but don't want to share on this forum, my discord is Jackisch#1433

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If youre fine with having no gui, you could use windows cotnainers.

If you figure out how to run mirror mode on linux, theres a pretty convenient docker extension the uses x11 https://github.com/mviereck/x11docker

I think docker's native proxy settings use http proxies, not socks. Although programs such as proxychains can help out proxy only the osrs client on linux

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