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Resume : I'm wondering how successful would it be to sell a varied softwares and useful stuff here for RS Gold.


So, let me introduce a quick story of what this is all about. Since i was a kid, i was fascinated with what we can find in the right place, in the right forum, or with the right people... i remember when i first found out about torrent sites and i helped even local bands on installing and using audio softwares or, maybe an engineering software that they would not otherwise find or be able to work around the configuration or installation. That actually became a hobby, but i did notice after some years, with technology developing quicker and quicker, that you would not need torrents anymore, and that even really popular stuff have alternatives to get, sometimes cheaper, sometimes better; and so, what would cost let's say 10usd, suddenly is 5, or even less, and to find cheaper stuff or stuff that sometimes aren't even supposed to be known of. 

Some good time ago this... hobby, got me in some good places that has some really nice stuff but, i am not a good seller whatsoever, so i usually get it for myself and maybe a friend or two, even though i tried (not here) to sell some stuff i thought it would become popular.

Question is, maybe this hobby has to become something more as of now, and i wonder, if i would be able to actually do it and sell it here.


Things that i would start with, since it is more popular:  

- Cheaper Netflix / Spotify

- .edu emails ( this has some really good perks)

- Unlimited google drive

- Microsoft products in general, office, windows,

I don't think i'd be able to sell +18 sites, even though they're really cheap.



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Specifically, you can't sell:

  • Hacker items like keyloggers, phishers and RAT's. Any other program or tool used for hacking.
  • Hacked accounts (forum, game, paypal accounts, etc..).
  • Stolen items (accounts, guides, methods, tutorials, etc..)
  • Accounts and/or subscriptions for porn websites.
  • Torrents.
  • Loans of any sort and/or donation requests.
  • Account rentals
  • Private servers.
  • Physical items.
  • Any type of Educational Services.
  • Private Server Account/Gold
  • Anything illegal by law
  • Methods
  • Account Giveaways
  • Gambling
  • Twitch Prime Accounts
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