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Pure Ess Runners

Ragnar Lothbrok

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1 minute ago, Simple79001 said:

Of course it's possible, its the same kind of principle with mules i'm guessing, 

Slim chance of the ban hammer coming down on your main but there's definitely opportunity for it to happen


I accept there's always that level of risk and no one really knows.

More curious to hear how other people got on if they have tried this. i.e did they get a ban, how long did they do it for ban free ect?

Need to weigh up that risk/reward factory xD

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I haven't seen bans from my runecrafting master/worker bot if the master account is not botting (judging from the posts in the thread), however it doesn't mean it will never happen. If someone asks me if they should bot runners with their master account (and they have had a 2-day ban on their master account) I usually say don't risk it, if they had no ban history then that's fine.

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4 hours ago, GoldRulez said:

I logged in to save you the trouble. Top ranks for RC were using bots to run ess to their mains. Both lost rank spot and got perm banned. 2020, botting is 100% dead. Only good for short suicide accounts.

You forgot one fact: they forgot to utilize proxies. Chain bans are real, people, don't be dumb.

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