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Appealing ban w/ apology


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I was considering trying to appeal some accounts that got banned at least a year back, but the only thing is this time around (I've already appealed said accounts for being hacked/stolen/whatever and got denied) I'm thinking of trying to play the apology card. Would appealing with an apology, therefore admitting the accounts were botted have any effect on future account appeals for different accounts? Like since that'd be basically me admitting I've botted previous accounts would they flag me or something and judge future appeals with that in mind?  

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14 minutes ago, powerrangeralt said:

That would probably only work for really old accounts. One year I doubt it'd work.


3 minutes ago, shreder said:

The longer the more likely they will forgive a ban.

I appreciate the responses, I get that aged banned accounts are more likely to be forgiven but I'm more interested in knowing the main part of why I posted this: would an apology appeal successful or not affect future appeals for different accounts? 

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