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frank garcia

Need help and guidance with CLI

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So I’ve been trying to learn how to utilize CLI in order to run mass accounts and get them started up with one command. I’ve been trying to learn and I’ve gone through the forums and found a couple of post that have pointed me in the right direction but I am still lost and need someone’s guidance. I’m not asking for anyone to write it or do it for me, I want to learn and would appreciate it if someone had a video tutorial around or could help me out.

I’m filling out the CLI with the proper commands and my correct info but it doesn’t log in the OSBOT. It just says unable to login. I’m setting my osbot user and password correct. Whenever I set it wrong it tell me I’m the command prompt that the reason for not logging in is due to the invalid user/pass. But when I put the correct info it just says unable to login.


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1 hour ago, powerrangeralt said:


There's a full example in here along with all of the parameters



ive come to realize that my osbot name is the issue due to the space in between it, is there a certain symbol or command im suppose to swap the space with? i ran the cli with another osobt username and it worked perfectly, only difference was that the osbot account had its username without any spaces, all intact

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