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unban appeal service?


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eyoo guys, i was wondering maybe anyone has idea if its possible to get accounts unbanned? i have like 9 accounts perma banned, most of them for macroing, one of them for games of chance (hosting diceduels i think), one for rwt, shit like that.

they got banned like 2015,2016,2017,2018 smth like that atleast 2 years gap now, never appealed before


some of them really nice accounts, has good banks, so maybe anyone doing appeals?

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53 minutes ago, pauliokas123 said:

do i say like it got hacked n shit like that or i just say the truth and that im sorry? and do i try to appeal it from original email or from other email? thx man:) 

same, gave back all accounts banned 3+years ago, still ignoring newer accounts

11 minutes ago, pauliokas123 said:

ban appealing changed now, i just need to press 3 questions and thats it? my email/why it got banned/and true reason? i appealed 3 accs now, 2 for botting since 2017, and 1 game of chance 2015 ban, maybe anyone knows how long itll take them to reply?

usually half an hour, though that is on workdays

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43 minutes ago, mrpcp said:

Guys I have an aged account with 300m on it banned for macroing major... where do I appeal can someone talk me through the steps?


Also shall I just be honest and say I have learnt my lesson?

Search Appeal A Ban then login and choose the reason u have been banned for and give your apology , then u would have a chance on unban if its been long enough

Make sure u say its your first time appealing

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