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ProtoFletcher - A simple progressive fletching script

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Just a simple script to get you that 99 fletching and some profit 😛

NOTE: This is a progressive script, once you launch it, it should do everything on it's own









1. Start near a 'Bank booth'

2. Make sure you have enough logs in your bank (Script should stop when out of logs)

3. The script will fletch in the following order:



lvl 1: Logs to Arrowshafts

lvl 5: Logs to Shortbow

lvl 10: Logs to Longbow

lvl 20: Oak logs to Oak shortbow

lvl 25: Oak logs to Oak longbow

lvl 35: Willow logs to Willow shortbow

lvl 40: Willow logs to Willow longbow

lvl 50: Maple logs to Maple shortbow

lvl 55: Maple logs to Maple longbow

 lvl 70+: Yew logs to Yew longbow



Current plans include:


GE handler (got it half working rn)

Move to random safe bank






If you run into any bugs, do let me know.



v0.1 (02/04/2020):

    - Basic functionality implemented


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3 hours ago, Ace99 said:

Good stuff.  I am also learning how to handle the GE right now, good luck with it!

Ty ty, I'll probably have it done soon since I'm just copying it from another script that I plan to release this corona-holiday season :D

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