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Dispute against rsgoldrush


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Disputed member: @rsgoldrush

Link to thread: 


Explanation: The link in the thread didn't work, so I added the discord username in the first post (A-RsGoldRush#5869) and DM'd them asking about buying an account.  They agreed and I sent them $50 USD in BTC (.0057).  They said they needed to wait for 3 confirmations.  Once it hit 5 confirmations, I DM'd them saying it should be good.  They proceeded to block me.  Their livechat representative claims that someone is pretending to be them on discord, even though this is impossible (the #5869 is a unique identifier provided by discord - nobody except the REAL account can have that).


The picture of the link clearly stating their discord name is A-RsGoldRush#5869
banner still.jpg


Evidence that this was the account I was speaking with on Discord, not someone else:


Full discord chat (he unfortunately deleted his messages before I could screenshot, but posting for completion):


Bitcoin transfer log:


Transcript where he lies and says that someone was just pretending to be him on discord - note that this is IMPOSSIBLE because again, Discord assigns everyone a unique 4 digit code at the end which cannot be changed.  As the previous screenshot showed, I was talking to the one ending in #5869.  The picture on their posts shows #5869 and in their live chat they admit that their username is, in fact #5869.


I have screenshot the entire transcript of my log with the help desk which can be found in the imgur album containing all of these screenshots, https://imgur.com/a/VwU7ZAd  I will not link them all directly as it will take up quite a bit of space and many of the screen shots do not have any useful or damning information - just me explaining the situation and him claiming someone else must have pretended to be them.  I did put in a request on the chat to have the transcript emailed to me as well, but I am currently still waiting for the email to arrive.

I do have the entire transcript screenshotted in this image here though:


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@alesteors I'm sorry to say but you got scammed by an impostor

Discord is very sensetive case, the discord you added was lowercase a, r and g while the real discord on the topic shouldve been with A, R and G as uppercase

means a-rsgoldrush isnt the same as A-RsGoldRush

Next time please pm the user before doing any trade for confirmation, sorry for your loss.

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