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Splashing tips


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Hello everyone :),


Ive recently came back to runescape in the past week and ive been leveling up a new pure project. I know that splashing has been nerfed :( and there is a now 20 minute afk timer. I was wondering if you guys have any tips to beating that timer via botting/mouse clicker, If so, what do you guys use? and how are the ban rates?



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14 minutes ago, splatbug said:

If you want to use a OSbot script try this one:


If you want to splash on the official runescape client, you can use an auto clicker once every 5-20 minutes.  Or place a heavy object on one of the arrow keys on your keyboard so the screen rotates all the time.

Its up to you!

rotating the camera will not count towards the afk timer anymore

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5 hours ago, Lost Panda said:

Personally used a random autoclicker to click once every 5-15 mins and used to go smoothly without any bans, might just be my luck.

Theres a macro recorder on the script store here that does the same thing. It's free, works well, doesnt take over your mouse or keyboard, records keystrokes, records mouseclicks and you wont have to install any 3rd party apps.

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