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Error Running Script


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Hello, I am new to OSBOT and am attempting to write my first script. However, after watching Chris B's video about getting the development environment setup i am having the following error whenever i attempt to run the script.  Any help is appreciated.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_241\bin\java.exe" -Djava.search.path=out -Dcom.java.config=http://oldschool.runescape.com/l=en/jav_config.ws "-javaagent:D:\Onedrive\OSBOT\OSBot 2.5.67.jar" -Dfile.encoding=windows-1252 -jar "C:\Users\Username\jagexcache\jagexlauncher\bin\jagexappletviewer.jar" runescape
Error occurred during initialization of VM
agent library failed to init: instrument
Failed to find Premain-Class manifest attribute in D:\Onedrive\OSBOT\OSBot 2.5.67.jar



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12 minutes ago, Gunman said:

@Riverlana Try not using one drive and disabling it. I remember a lot of users had issue with one drive messing things up. Idk if it will work in this current situation.

Unfortunately Onedrive doesn't seem to be the issue.  I moved the project out of OneDrive and the same issue is popping up.  

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