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Playstation 3 D3?!

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i played it only on computer yet and on ps3 i seen its there but i not bought it there it might be good.

Yeah ive played it PC quite a bit, only the trial but that was quite cool, leveled toons up and maxed out profession gears etc I found it quite nice :) wondering about console though 

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I have played it on both and I must say they are both fun experiences.


The only complaint I have for the console version is that its EXACTLY the same everything as the PC version, just tuned for the console.


There is NO auction house for console version (gold or RMH). To compensate for ti they have boosted drop rates of items significantly)


This adds a fun twist to the game, but all in all its just meh. I burnt myself out on the PC version to care enough about the console version. :\

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