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Hi smile.png


You can call me asidy. I am a sophomore in college and have some time off from my internship for my studies. I will be active on these forums and create many great free AIO scripts. I have had experience with Java for over 6 years starting when I was in junior high. When I was younger I ran bot farms with my friends and we wrote our own scripts. I am very busy with school, but I will be available everyday for at least two hours to support my scripts.



  • Smith any bar into any item at varrock west smith.
  • Humanlike interaction with objects.
  • DashAI antiban
  • Camera control, unique algorithm to mimic human anticipation of future events

Coming Soon:

  • Improve speed & cut down code
  • Add in smelting (al-kharid)
  • Add in cannonball support
  • Add pest control island smithing

It runs for hours without crashing.


Finishing up paint QwPha8E.png The boxes will hold an image of the bar you are making, with count underneath and the item with the count made underneath.


V0.01 Test 1:



Bugs found:

  • Wait between deposit and withdraw is too long
  • Focus on next object to be used, if not busy
  • more antiban: How should we close bank? Walking on minimap or closing? Making it random. Most of the time it will close it by clicking on the minimap
  • slow down reaction time when done smithing at anvil
  • a flag used incorrectly: allows the possibility of selecting the bar twice
  • when walking to bank, if focusing shifts to hover over our bank object before we reach within the destination it will cause us to click our destination tile again.
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You should make an herblore script


Yes I should :)


Once I have made an amazing smither I will begin working on other scripts and will always be open to suggestions.


I am pretty fast at coding. I started this script Saturday night and I am just finishing up some improvements and will try to get it on the SDN.

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