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Valiant One

Weird zerker idea

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3 hours ago, Valiant One said:

50 attack
80 strength
78 hitpoints
85 magic
1 defence/prayer/range

suggestions on what to change welcome

1 range is useless, you can get the same range as magic since it doesn't actually level combat 😛 Could get 85 range (of course HP does level combat)

Also why "weird" gmauler idea?

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18 hours ago, ez11 said:

it wont be polled

boaty died a few times on stream to someone gmauling him when he tried to pk on a pure so they nerf gmaul in an "intergrity change"

did they also give boaty a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ as an apology smh changing a thing that was in game for 10 years because some boi cannot set stream delay

changed the OP to see if the idea is salvagable

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