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Ultimate Zulrah Helper

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For trials please join the discord and request one using our discord bot!

Want to purchase? Click here!


Very easy to use! If you're doing mage only just click the box and hit start on the GUI.


Before every Zulrah run you need to hit start at the top of the screen so the areas and the rotation are set properly. For example, like this.



The Green box is where you need to be standing currently, the red boxes are where you are supposed to go to next. A few change mid rotation so be aware!




Good luck with this plugin!





To donate:



Now released on SDN!


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23 hours ago, Tropicai said:

Hey, can i get a trial of this.? Ive never done zulrah before so if this helps, ill buy it. thanks

Done! Enjoy :) 

10 hours ago, Gamerx1234 said:

does this script show what to pray?

Yes it does. I plan to update the way it does this to make it more obvious for users. 

I could certainly see it being missed

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48 minutes ago, bernardosantos said:

im new , how do i download this


You first need to buy the script and then when you launch the client in your script selector you need to go to the plugin tab and it should be there.

18 minutes ago, yk18 said:

 could I get test trial ?

Done! Enjoy :) 

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