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Hello guys 

i want try to up an account for Vorkath 

i need alot of skills to up 70

to be able to solve DS 2 and go there

i will use free scripts just say youer experience guys

whats is the skills that have low chance to be caught

and what is the skills if i use bot i will be caught quickly

nowdays i can up and acount for this purpose by bot or hard?

and also need your advice guys

no problem about solving the quests some 1 will solve them for me

Thx for all & sry for bad english

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Free scripts are going to give you a bad time.  Going to have to be very cautious and probably babysit if you are using free scripts only.

My experience RC and Agility with free scripts is almost a guaranteed ban, along with early levels of mining.  Other scripts I would say babysit them dont start them and walk away for an hour.


I would also recommend reading over this if you are looking to not get banned. 




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I recommend if anything to try and use paid scripts to give you a chance of surviving. But if you're situation can't afford it try doing some services to sell for money then buy the paid scripts. Free to use scripts are nice but I feel like they are more easily detected. Good luck!

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