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VPN doesn't work

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I got perm banned in 2018 for macroing. After that ban i have decided to create some new accounts (playing legit on these accounts till like 500-750 total, with 4-5 months rest), and start botting on them again. Since the first perm ban i got flagged and im getting instantly banned for using macroing on these accounts.

I bought a VPN, but even when the VPN is running i still get perm banned instantly.

Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong? I dont wanna risk some high level accounts anymore for a instant perm ban.

Thanks already!

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Hey bud,

Have you learned much about mirror mode and the different ways the bot client interacts with the game client?


Others will be able to say more  -  but mirror mode is waaay stealthier..using free osbot...especially with free scripts...is going to be way easier to detect.


About to renew VIP myself, so I would reccommend it.

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