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close thread pls


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23 hours ago, berserk3rv said:

Post offers only Original owners and has to have original email or not set one at all

60-80 str, 60 range preferably pray is not a big deal

I have a maxed 1attk, 99 str obby mauler, 31 pray, b ring i, 55 slay, 1 def, 65 ranged and mage. It has username login, and has all questions/details for a form recovery without email meaning you can recover the account no matter what emails are set! I am fully willing to do a recovery test with a vmm, making the account 100% safe from the seller getting it back. I am looking for 400-500m or btc equivalent, lmk if your interested. Price is a bit steep because a Username account was made before 2010, and not many people have info to do recovery test. This price is because I am offering you an account you can play on without worry. 140 quest points on it too, so if you are ever looking to go for another build it is easy bc most quests are done. Combat level of 55.

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