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Some of my fallen bots crys


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Some of my fallen bots, some skills were hand trained and other's weren't these accounts were made with injection mode only (Only accounts I have screen shots off which aren't deleted, have alot more.)

Account 1: Planned to sell but decided to bot to 99 slayer instead, one day I woke up and was banned R.I.P.


Account 2: I was banned at wintertod with 97 firemaking, didn't get an other progress pic sadly. 


Account 3: The first account I posted botting progress on with OSBot forums :), Sadly banned with some good progress, Never got any screen shots (Find my thread for more progress information) Remember having 99 range, fletching and firemaking but didn't get a screen shot with all 3.


Account 4: This was a new staker I was botting, decided to get it 66 agility but recieved a 2 day ban, 66 agility was to test an xlog Idea that sadly didn't work, the account has been sold and this progress pic was from 2 - 3 months ago from when I owned it, New owner said I could post due to skills being alot higher now.


R.I.P My fallen angels (Apart from account 4, Still running strong by new owner.)

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