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Simple Fruit Stall Thieving


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I mean... It's literally 10-15 lines of code inside onLoop but if you want to improve it you can

  • Add conditional sleeps after the steal interaction
  • Look imto Custom Areas from Explv's guide so you can Check if your Custom Area Contains NPC 'Guard dog', then you can either add a world Hopper class ( also on this site ) or a Dog waiting Boolean ( id personally go with the dog wait boolean)
  • Add camera movement to make you face the Fruit stall ( this is to help the script not miss click, it doesn't improve anti ban because anti ban isn't real anyway)
  • Add a check to see if your player is in the Fruit stall area ( again custom area) and if not WEBwalk to fruit stall, so you can start your script anywhere

Other then that you seem to be on the right path in terms of basic use of Api, nice!:ditto:

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