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how do they not get banned?


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hi. there are alot of bot farmers running different metthods on p2p. for example if you to to edgeville you will see smithing bots, then we have air orb runners and nature runecrafters... and if you go to bouny world theres even bots that farm emblems??? like literally 20 of them in 1 place doing it 24/7. so my question is how do they not get banned? or do they? does p2p really lower your bans like that?

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22 minutes ago, Malcolm said:

oh yeah they get banned.

The whole point of it is to make a profit before the ban.

The bans are inevitable.

This, those guys make so many accounts that they can easily make new ones with the profits made.

I have a similar one with chaos druids. Just not as stupidly huge as some of the major bot farms.

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