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Runescape Issues with main site and authenicator


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I'm having issues with the main runescape site and authenicator, my mate bought it up on Skype and I only checked today and now I'm receiving the same issues. The issue is that I can log into my game accounts with out authenicator both on the website fine and in game. When I set up authenicator and log in this happens. My mate told me to test it so I did and it's happening. He said that when you set up authenicator its blocking you from logging into forums, receiving emails and logging into game. Here's my authenicator code and game, Will happily send people the username and password for this account with authenicator code and email access to test, don't know why this is happening to me and my mate since we set up authenicators on the account.




When I go log into the forum it says invalid password though its the same for the actual game. When I try and disable authenicator / recover the account through email I then get sent none.

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