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End Game Account Recovered


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Disputed member: Extatus

Thread Link:

Explanation: Bought the Account from him on Thursday 7th. Everything went smooth. I made and Offer on the thread, he Pm'ed me and we started talking on Discord.

I traded him the 500M we agreed, he changed the email to mine and gave me "all the info".

I get and Email 5am today, someone submitted a password reset and now I can't access nor recover the account. I tried to recover it using that same info he gave me. The request gets denied.

I payed 500M for the account and had around 80M of wealth on it.

Talked with him on Discord and he agreed to refund me within a week. I deeem him as trusted, but I feel I need to post this here to avoid this being a Scam Quit.

And for me it's really strange that him as the OO can't recover the account.

Nothing against him, he told me he was going to refund me the 500M + 80M wealth. Just wanted to make it public as evidence until I get the refund.


Can't log in with the password I changed the account to.


The email I got 5:19am on Sunday


Used all the info Extatus gave me and the recover failed


Before the trade Proof of contact






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