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osrs mobile macro guide

damien treveton

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I downloaded bluestacks then install osrs mobile, i downloaded a ghost mouse to record my actions then recorded myself doing things like woodcutting/fletching/training strength and attack at rock crabs. Before i record myself i open chrome and get a stopwatch going so i can time how long i record for, after i record myself training and time it, i downloaded/open a random mouse clicker that i can set specificly when it will click,  i put the time i recorded +4 seconds/  :example: (169-173) and after highlight the play button on the ghost mouse, have trained fletching and ranged both to 95 leaving it running for over 24 hours over 20 times without a break or other human interation, anyone who says bot detection is the same as pc is completely incorrect. Have gained over 30m xp without talking to a single person ever. i created a account to try to get it banned with no success, just fletched 12k yew longs last night ;).  you have to use your brain to get this to work efficiently and you have to account for lagg and very minor screen movement, better to have zoomed in more so it never clicks the wrong place. Hope you all enjoy.

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Though the different detection is hearsay thus far imo, it'd definitely be interesting to hear more results if anyone else follows through with this. If not I'll set up a vm this weekend and see what happens. Appreciate your contribution!

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okay so the ghost mouse is just a mouse recording program, you can use any one you like but thats the one i use personally. 

you will need to download bluestacks and install it/ run it and sign into your gmail account to access the google play store.

after you have downloaded the osrs mobile app, download the ghost mouse and a random mouse clicker (https://www.ghost-mouse.com/) (https://sourceforge.net/projects/random-mouse-clicker/)

so get everything you need for the skill or thing you want so your ready to just get going with skilling or whatever you like, set the size of your bluestacks so it covers like half of your screen or a little more, and open google chrome beside it so you can fully play osrs and use the internet, search for stopwatch and googles stopwatch should pop up. 

say your fletching, get all the items you need and make sure you have entered your bank before if you have a pin, start recording with your ghost mouse and press start on the stopwatch so you can time the precise time you have recorded for and make sure your standing right infront of the bank or bank chest ready to 1 click into it, open your bank get out the logs or the unstrung bows and bow string and finish like 3-4 inventories then deposit everything and exit the bank so your standing exactly where you where when you started recording, then stop recording and stop the stopwatch on chrome, if you where fletching the stop watch should be at like 2 minutes 21 seconds or something like that after like 4 inventories, now open the random mouse clicker and type how long you where recording for into it, so 2 minutes and 21 seconds is 141 seconds... so set the random mouse clicker so it clicks every 145 seconds- 149 seconds i just add like 4 seconds that way i know it has enough time to reset the recording properly, then on the random mouse clicker you can set where it will click, set the area that it will click on the play button on ghost mouse, so every 145 seconds the random mouse clicker will click play on your recording and start your training for you. best of luck hit me up if you need any more help

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As someone who has literally THOUSANDS of hours botting on mobile at this point, I can assure you that their bot detection is just as strong as the PC. My mobile bots originally lived for 3-4 weeks, then 1-3 weeks, now 1-7 days. 

I have and do continually write new scripts, try new areas/methods/account builds, etc, and most are ultimately banned. 

With that all being said, I have made more than enough to make this all worth doing, but anyone who thinks mobile is the Wild West of botting is flat out wrong. 

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