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Using cleverbot with OSbot


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Yes, it is possible but the outcome is terrible. 99% of the time it answers out of context gibberish  with decent grammar.  It has been done before iirc.

Own made chatting algo > cleverbot anytime. One would argue its a complete waste of time, and i agree with that.On top, it is waste of resources, because of listeners, distance checks, area checks(cant answer in populated areas like ge, obviously). Obv cant expose itself so cant answer same question twice etc. Too little gain for 2 much effort IMO.

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1 hour ago, assaulted said:

Hello. I don't know much about scripting or cleverbot in general, but I was wondering if it is possible to use Cleverbot with OSBOT to reply to players questions while botting?


I don't even know if this is possible so I apologize if it is a stupid question.

It can be done but isn't always the best but most of the time is hilarious project pacts hunting script has it and when people talked with my bot was a good laugh it was such a troll.

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