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Botted 99 Fletching


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I did it a while ago but thought I should share the success now. It was on my main, botted a few other skills too ended up getting a temp macroing ban after Agility so quit botting altogether on that account.


I'll be honest I didn't use good strategy on Fletching, took no more than 10 days, botting 6+ hours a day on some days, considering ban rates for everything else this seems to be a pretty good money maker IMO. Had some success spinning flax on that account too, combined with fletching it made huge profit so I made an alt with that intention but it got perm banned whilst spinning flax, I think I got too confident on that one, building a new one now taking it nice and slow, manually levelling some AFK skills before botting crafting for a bond and then fletching, this time I'll stick much more to fletching rather than spinning flax although the profit is crazy, I assume its a very monitored method, same as (u) amulets, any experience there?


*Forgot to mention I also only used Stealth Injection

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