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Is it possible to be banned for botting without actually botting?


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Last Monday I decided to log onto my 1/1/75 DEF pure that I built by AFKing cave bugs in PvP worlds back in 2015 before Jagex nerfed AFKing. It was one of my most prized accounts because I'd actually have to break the rules to AFK 75 DEF nowadays. Anyways, I was on F2P WCing yews while I was watching TV and doing other stuff. I ended up staying on for the whole 6 hours and after the game logged me out I called it a night and went to sleep. Last Wednesday I tried to log into that account to WC while I watched TV and I couldn't because they said my account was disabled. I log in on the website to see what happened and apparently Jagex perm banned my account for major macroing. They claim to have proof of it and say their bot detection is fool proof. Basically they're claiming there's no possible way that I could have been manually playing my account last Monday even though I was manually playing on it. I wasn't even that efficient because I'd leave the keyboard every now and again to do some short tasks but come back fast enough to avoid a logout. I was even talking in a group chat and with other WCers from time to time while playing. I spent a good hour talking to one guy I was WCing with. I really don't understand how they could mistake me for a bot. I've never botted on any of my accounts ever. I used my regular IP address from home that I've been using. I wasn't using a VPN and I was playing on OSBuddy, which I've been using since it came out. I've never had any problems until last Monday. The account is 4 years old and gets played on every now and again. I've been AFKing WCing while watching TV on it for years. As a matter of fact I just hit 87 WC on it the last night I played on it. I'm thinking about doing an appeal but I'm afraid to do it before consulting with some people about it. From my understanding, once you do an appeal you can never do another one so I was hoping to get as much information as possible before doing it. Has this ever happened to anyone before? If so, were you able to get your account back? I'm actually too scared to WC on my main or any other account now because of this.

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