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[Firecape] WAVE 42-Firecape


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Hello all,

 I'm on wave 42 with one level 22 safespotted but I have to leave and won't be able to continue the waves. I'm looking for someone that will be able to finish the waves for me and get the firecape. ONCE AGAIN, I am on wave 42, I have 1 range pot (4),  9 baskets of strawberries, 3 karambwans, 10 prayer potions (4). I AM ON A JAD TASK. My gear is Slayer Helm (i),  Glory, black dhide top, veracs skirt, blessed zammy boots, lumby ring, imbued crystal shield, 2k broad bolts, barrows gloves, rune crossbow, and avas accumulator.  All I need is wave 42-firecape.  Please let me know how much with price quotes and time frames. The faster the better please. I AM LEVEL 90 RANGE WITH 75 DEFENSE. 

Thank you!


PS: I logged out safely after killing the last monster on wave 42. 

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